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Balos is an absolutely stunning beach to look at it; it is an amazingly beautiful place with stunning views beach and water, a true paradise location off the beaten track. Truly postcard material !!

Elafonisi is located at the south-west corner of Crete, about 70km from the city of Chania. It is a place of an exceptional natural beauty, and it has been included in the Natura 2000 Protection Program.

The Samaria Gorge is a National Park of Greece since 1962, is a major tourist attraction of the island and a Worlds Biosphere Reserve. The walk from the entry is starting at an altitude of 1,250m at the northern entrance, to exit is 13km.

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The seas of Crete are a wonderful place to discover, full of rare fish species and impressive sea plants. Also explore many ship wrecks of ancient triremes, medieval vessels and war ships from World War II.

Falasarna is an ancient Greek harbor town on the northwest of Crete, approximately 52km from the city of Chania. Falasarna beach offers kilometers of fluffy sand with beautiful turquoise waters.

The Venetian fortress of Spinalonga is a recognized archaeological site and a rare example of Venetian fortress building and island fortification. In the recent history it became a leper colony (1903-1957).

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Our daily private cruises are the perfect way to visit some of the most amazing beaches of Crete that are only accessible by boat. With great experience and respect to the guests we offer a variety of Daily Private Cruises.

We will take you to undiscovered, from mass tourism, parts of Crete where you will taste the authentic Cretan Cusine.

That's the basic package of flight ! Paragliding is a 100% weather depended activity. Have in your mind that due to weather conditions, there might be some reschedule if necessary.

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Crete bungee jump off Aradaina bridge near Sfakia. Aradaina bridge is 138 meters high and is located near Sfakia in the prefecture off Chania Crete. Media provided after the jump were just what you need to remember the day.

Gavdos island is the southermost Greek island, located about 36 miles south of Crete. The small boat from Crete to Gavdos sometimes doesn't run every day, depending of the winds. So give 1-2 days to stay in Chania prior to departure.

Either visiting a city of Crete for just the day or getting together with a group of friends we offer you the best experience with our one day tours.